When a child is misbehaving yelling at kids feels natural. Parents are stressed out and worn thin. A parent stressed over the state of the world might harm of yelling in raising a child before they even realize they are doing it.

But despite the fact that yelling feels like a release, an attention-getter and discipline all at the same time, yelling at kids is not effective. Sure, a child who’s been yelled at will look scared or cry but yelling at a child is harmful. There are some tips help you strike such a balance:

Don’t take your child’s behavior personally

The more you are internalizing your child’s words and actions, the more likely you will be to overreact. This both escalates the situation and encourages your child to keep behaving disrespectfully.

respectful behavior

Respectful behavior for your child

Commonly by observing someone kids are respecting using similar methods to handle their annoyance and upset. You can curb disrespectful behavior is therefore to demonstrate healthy anger management strategies. Avoid speaking badly about others behind their backs and be polite and courteous in front of your children even when you’re dealing with a difficult person.

Don’t give your child permission to be disrespectful

Parents yelling at teenagers may be disrespectful, some do unwittingly condone this behavior until it’s aimed in their direction. Your child is being given a truly burdensome amount of homework by one of his teachers.

Naturally, you sympathize with his plight. So, when he starts complaining about how unfair his teacher is, calling her names and otherwise making a fuss about her, you agree with him.

Remind your child of the good he does

Many parents who are dealing with an especially defiant child try to rectify the situation by becoming increasingly strict. In doing so, they forget how important positive feedback is to guiding and correcting behavior.

Your child has to know what he’s doing right or he’ll have no positive behavioral goals to aim for. Furthermore, constant criticism will make your child resentful of you.

Don’t try to force your child to respect you

As tempting as it is to assert yourself by saying, “I’m the parent, so you have to respect me!” demanding respect from your child is likely to backfire. It’s simply impossible to make someone respect you, so you’re setting yourself up for failure when you make these ultimatums.